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The office team


JVB Construction has a number of skilled professionals working on site and in the office. We are a growing team and have recently recruited new members. 

Our Quantity Surveyor ensures that all pricing of work is completed in an expedient manner and works are priced as transparently as possible with no hidden extras.  This ensures our quotations are realistically priced as well as comprehensive so remain competitive but allow the Client to easily assess the scope of works included.

Our office Project Managers ensure the efficient management of the project against the planned schedule of works, liaising with Architects and Clients regarding specifications, progress against plan, status reporting, tracking risks and issues, project administration and ensuring each stage of the project is documented.

We have a Contracts Manager who has authority to manage operations on each of our sites and ensures our construction teams are adhering to JVB Construction Ltd’s quality standards, delivering against the planned schedule of works and ensuring Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality compliance is maintained at all times.  The Contracts Manager ensure the procedures and objectives are achieved as well as looking for opportunities and mitigating against risks and resolving onsite issues. 

Every project has a Site Manager who oversees operations on a day-to-day basis, reporting directly to the Contracts Manager.

We have an Office Manager who responds to the telephone and email enquiries. They ensure everyone is communicating and following objectives efficiently thus providing structure.