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The importance of lighting


During the winter months, with the days seeming shorter there’s nothing more comforting then a warm and cosy house with a blazing fire and ambient lighting. With the enormous choice of light variations, they can create a completely different feel to any room adding elegance, sophistication and style to any home. JVB Construction identify the customers desires and aim to install efficient, modern and energy saving light fittings. LED lights are a popular choice and have been linked to increase mood and save at least a third of energy consumption.


Staircase spotlighting

LED Spot lights are a beautiful feature in modern homes as a simple way to amplify the modern space. The staircase lights are typically plastered into the wall next to each step or every few steps and can be dimmed and controlled with a controller, switch or application. This energy efficient lighting creates a comfortable glow, improving the safety and look of any staircase.



Phillips Hue lighting

Phillips hue lighting is a recent trend adding technical element made easy. It’s a simple design and easy to set up becoming the most popular smart lighting system winning 2018 T3 award. The system allows 16 million different colours to display and can be changed or dimmed using an application, switch, or control. The lighting can be used behind television screens, enhancing the display, the lights will change colours dependant on the screen colour, creating a fantastic atmosphere in the room.



Vintage pendant lighting

The pendant lights give a chic retro feel, great for a warm atmosphere distributing the light throughout the room efficiently. The lighting is suitable for both modernised and vintage style homes giving a consistent light output throughout the exceptionally long life. The lights are rated A for energy consumption improving energy usage.



Up down lighting

These lights can be used for the interior and outdoor use, they are available in multiple designs and materials. They emit a soft amount of light from the top and bottom of the structure, adding a homely ambience to rooms and outdoor areas. They are popular in bedrooms, halls, entrances, dressing and outdoor social areas.



(Skylight) LED Strip lighting

Strip lights are a quirky light fitting suitable for ceilings, window edges, worktop outlines to solve dark areas with artificial lighting and brightness. Because the lights are versatile, they can be used for both general light visibility and a range of settings and projects for different occasions. Modern lights such as these can be dimmed, controlled and changed easily.



Swarovski LED light fitting

Swarovski have decorative lighting available in many beautiful designs with fresh cut crystals combined with state-of-the art technology to compliment interior designs, which can be personalised for any desired design. JVB Construction installed Swarovski LED star lights in a large modern dressing room, which was a fantastic finishing touch giving the room a classy sparkle.