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How to select the right windows for your property type


When designing your build, windows play an important role. They are the structure of the room and provide open space and efficient lighting.

When deciding the style of window, you first need to consider the size of the room, property location and weather conditions.

Natural light has endless benefits which affects your mood, energy levels and daily abilities. Adding to this, the more natural light entry the cheaper your energy bill should be.

There’s a large variety of windows to choose from so be sure to research before making any hasty decisions!

Fixed windows
Fixed windows are an energy efficient way to provide natural light into any room. They come in many shapes and sizes and provide safety as they can be weather proofed or double glazed. They are not functional windows therefore do not open/close, little maintenance is needed.

Picture windows
These windows are usually ideal for properties in a secluded area with nice views such as the countryside. These windows are generally large and the centre piece of the room. They do not open/ close and need to be kept clean to provide the best look.

Skylight/ Velux windows
These windows are a popular design and installed into the roof providing light and air into the loft room/ conversions. Skylight/Velux windows are better suited in larger conversions as they take up head space in the room.

Sliding window
There are many different styles of sliding windows to suite the design of your home. They are secure as they can be double glazed and have a lock. They don’t protrude like most other window styles so they require little space. Sliding windows are not ideal for places with extremely poor weather conditions as they have the tendency to rattle (dependent on the foundation of the house).

Bay windows
These windows protrude from the side of the building and are usually quite large, allowing plenty of light to enter and using minimal wall space. Bay windows can be a much more expensive choice of window but look great.