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Surrey Luxury Builders


Few things in life are as rewarding—and challenging—as building your dream luxury home. You have a fantastic opportunity to custom build a home that fits exactly to your family’s lifestyle and needs. But in order to get everything you want, exactly how you want it, it requires working with luxury builders who understand your vision.

Since building a luxury home is a big investment, you should take the time to understand what it is you are looking for, and what you want from your new build construction team.

Here are a few things you should discuss with your builder on your initial meeting.

The Budget

The first thing to discuss with your builder is the budget you have set for the entire project. This lets your builder know roughly how large the project is expected to be and can give you an initial estimated time frame. All future decisions, from you and the builder, will be based on this figure, so make sure you have the budget figured out before you go for the meeting.

Your Dream Home Vision

If you could have any features in your home, what would you include? Do you have ideas about a floorplan you would like? Or perhaps you want the exterior to look a certain way. You should definitely bring all these ideas—even pictures if you have any— to the meeting with your builders.  This will help them give you an estimate on your dream build. A reputable builder will try to understand your vision and work with you to build exactly what you want.

Relevant Paperwork

You should compile any relevant paperwork together before you attend the initial meeting with you builder. This includes your ideas, pictures, and any detailed plans you have. You can also provide a planning permission proposal if you have one.  This give the construction team an idea of what you are looking for and can help them evaluate the cost.

The Builders’ Policy Regarding Change Orders

Once you have confirmed the plan with your builder they will give you a detail schedule of the work to be carried out, which you will need to approve and sign. But this doesn’t mean to say you can’t make any changes to the schedule as time goes on. Remember this is your dream home so it should be exactly what you want. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ask your builder what their policy for changes is, just so you can be clear from the start.

These topics will help you bring together your ideas and find the right construction company for the job. At JVB we have the expertise and experience to undertake luxury residential building projects including new builds, home extensions, conversions and renovation work. We are extremely proud of our outstanding reputation and offer a free no obligation quote to help get you started with your dream home.