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Modern house extensions ideas

glass house extension


While you could move out of your property in your search for a dream home, you might consider a house extension instead. This is by far the cheapest option, and you wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of moving. Here at JVB Construction, we can help you realise your dreams. If you are looking to extend your home, here are some ideas that we hope you find useful.

Modern Glass House Extensions


Glass extensions offer both aesthetic and practical benefits. With a structural or frameless glass extension, not only are you adding more space to your property, but you are letting more light into your home as well. A glass extension also adds more value to your property, as it provides a touch of luxury that many homebuyers will be searching for. 

A modern glass house extension can be used as an extra living area, a quiet space for your own reflections, or as a place to enjoy your garden. From kitchen walls that are made from glass doors to give you easy access to your outdoor spaces to orangeries that can act as comfortable living spaces, the choice is yours when it comes to your modern glass extension. There are some wonderful ideas here if you need a little bit of inspiration, so have a look, and then give us a call if you would like to consider similar for your home.

Contemporary Concrete Designs Extensions


concrete house extension


Don’t dismiss concrete if you’re looking for something a little different with your modern extension. Rather than being covered up, this material is now being used as an architectural finish and is known as visual concrete in domestic builds. You can create an artistic statement of your choice with concrete, with the colours of your choosing and the design that sits nicely with the rest of your home. It can take the shape of whatever surface it is placed against, and can add a whole new aesthetic dimension to your home. 

Concrete is durable too, so maintenance will rarely be an issue. And you also benefit from cost and carbon savings with your concrete extension, so not only will you benefit while living in your home, but you will also add value to your property too. So, be it a guest bedroom slotted onto the side of your property, a second story extension to give you more room in your home, or a single-story extension to create a new kitchen or garden room, you might want to consider the benefits of a concrete extension in your home.

Check out the concrete extension ideas on Pinterest for design inspiration for your luxury home.

Contrasting Extension Ideas

glass extension


When you’re planning your home extension, you might opt for something that matches the rest of your home’s aesthetic. On the one hand, this makes perfect sense. By following the designs that have already been used, you will have an extension that perfectly complements the rest of your property. However, with expert help, it is possible to add something that is in stark contrast to the rest of your property, without creating that jarring look that reduces the value of your home. 

As discussed already, you might opt for a glass extension, even though the rest of your home is made up of standard brickwork. You could have a wooden-clad extension with carefully placed glazing to bring more light into your property. You could choose on-trend materials that incorporate a contrast of modern colours to make your home stand out in your neighbourhood. And you could choose a second-story extension that juxtaposes with the aesthetic of the lower extension. 

For examples, take a look at these radical extension ideas, each one created with contrasting styles that have given their owners’ homes a brand new look and purpose.


What Is Right For Your Home?

How you extend your home is up to you, provided you have gained the necessary planning permission. Research the homes in your area and look for the styles that suit your tastes. Check out the trending home extension ideas online and consider how they might complement your home. And speak to our team of experts at JVB Construction. We can help turn your dreams into a reality, and share with you the extension ideas that have transformed the homes of our many happy customers. Give us a call today, and benefit from the skills and experience of our professional contractors.