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Home Extension Ideas to Enhance Your Space

Home Extension Ideas to Enhance Your Space

A home extension can make a huge difference to your living space. Even if your budget is small, a well-thought-out extension to your home can make a big impact by creating more space, making an awkward area more functional, enhancing natural light, or even linking existing areas of a property.

Of course, this is not a straightforward process and there is much to consider before starting: where can you extend? How will you extend? Will you need to get planning permission first? How long will the process take? What is your budget? And where can you find a builder?

You can expect to pay between £900 to £3,000 per metre square depending on your location, specification and scale. In general, single-storey extensions tend to be more expensive than double-storey extensions due to the fixed costs such as planning, design, and building regulation fees. Our experts have put together just a few ways in which you can enhance your space with a home extension or conversion project.

Single-storey extension

Single-storey extensions are the most obvious option. They can completely transform a home by adding more living space and bringing in more light with the use of glazed doors and roof lights. There is a higher chance you will need planning permission, and this can take some time to organise and secure.

Single-Storey Extension

Loft conversion

The loft or attic is commonly used to store unused items, but if you convert this space into a living area, it can add considerable space and value to your home. It is unlikely you will need to get planning permission, but you must always check with your chosen builder to confirm this. A loft conversion can be done within the existing roof space or you can remove sections of the roof to extend out and create more space.

Loft Conversion

Roof extension

This is a popular extension idea for bungalows and those living in a top-floor flat. Similar to a loft conversion, making space at the top of the building is a great way to make more space without having to extend the width and length of the building – and in many cases, this may not be possible due to planning permission restrictions.

Roof Extension

Convert your garage

Like the attic, a garage can quickly become a dumping ground for things and is often not used frequently enough for your vehicle to make it worthwhile keeping for that purpose. This is a great conversion idea for those with smaller budgets as it is a relatively simple project. The structure is already there, making it a cost-effective way to generate more living space. You could even go a step further and build a room above the garage, but be sure to consider plenty of insulation.

Garage Conversion

Utilise your garden

If you have extended your home as much as possible or the options available are out of your budget, you can make use of your garden to create more space. The living space does not need to be attached to your house, meaning you can build a cabin or a stand-alone building in the garden. This extension is like a shed, but bigger and suitable as a living area. It can be permanent, or a temporary option would be to construct a log cabin.

Garden Extension

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