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How Much Does A Barn Conversion Cost (2022)

small barn conversion cost

Last Updated: September 2022

A barn conversion can be an incredible project, transforming something that is unused or unloved into a dream home. Whether you’re eyeing up an old barn to convert into your forever home, or you have a barn on your property with a lot of potentials, it’s important to know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Barn conversions involve careful planning and a lot of work, beginning with some initial research. In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to know about the cost of a barn conversion to help you get started on this exciting project.

What is a barn conversion? 

A barn conversion usually involves the conversion of old barns and farm buildings into a habitable structure. Barn conversions can lead to an incredible new home, an additional building for your property, or even a building for commercial use. Barn conversions have a lot of potential, with a strong and sturdy structure to begin with that can become something incredible. 

How much does it cost to do a barn conversion?

As with any construction project, the cost of a barn conversion can vary. It will depend on the existing state of the structure and how much work needs to be done to get it to become a liveable shell, before work even begins on the interior.

Barn conversions are typically more expensive than building a brand-new property from scratch. You could pay anywhere between £1,500 per sqm to £2,500. However, there are factors that can make the job cheaper or more expensive, and you’ll need to consider the cost carefully before you decide to take the plunge.

At JVB, we’ll be able to outline all of the costs in detail to help you decide if a barn conversion is the right move for you. 

Taking the first steps to begin your barn conversion

As with many significant renovation projects, it starts with a conversation. At JVB, we’ll meet with you to find out more about your project, budget and timescales. We have a team of professionals who have carried out a range of inspiring renovations, extensions, new builds and more and relish the challenge of a new project.

No matter what your aspirations are for your barn conversion, we’re here to talk to you. Check out our Gallery of previous projects to see some examples of the incredible work we’ve completed.

Start your journey with JVB Construction

Whatever you’ve got planned for your barn conversion, talk to JVB Construction. We can provide you with a detailed quote and work with you to transform your barn into your perfect property.

Contact us today to talk to us about your barn conversion project.