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Importance of Professional Site Management


We take great pride in keeping the sites we work at neat, tidy and hazard free. We are always looking at ways to improve construction sites and here we outline the steps we take to ensure they are kept as professional as possible.

1) Organising site materials
This may seem very basic, but the organisation of site materials is essential. Any excess materials or bulk materials we have are properly organised and stored in safe and secure areas. We know that poorly stored materials can cause potential damage to a project or our team members. We can’t risk any materials blocking access routes or creating potential trip hazards. We store materials such as plastic, metal and wood in their relevant categories and make sure that all containers with dangerous materials are tightly sealed to reduce spillage, contamination and waste.

2) Tools and equipment inspection
Keeping on top of tools and equipment is extremely important so we carry out routine inspections. This enables us to spot potential problems early and it greatly reduces the risk of any on-site accidents from faulty machinery. We encourage our employees to take an active role in maintaining, inspecting and caring for the site that they work on.
We appreciate that some maintenance tasks are potentially dangerous, so we ensure employees are fully trained and constantly aware of the dangers around them when carrying out these tasks.

3) Safely dispose of waste materials
We have taken steps to become as eco-friendly and green as possible. We take full responsibility for waste materials and recycling on sites that we manage.
We dispose of waste through the correct channels. We also ensure all used containers and dumpsters are locked and secured after we use them.

4) Define clear access routes
We take the time to clear and set out access routes to ensure projects run as smoothly as possible. Having clear access routes allows deliveries to be made and it helps to keep the site safe for our workers.