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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Builders


Whether you are about to build a new home from scratch, carrying out renovation work, or having a new extension implemented, you will need a qualified builder to complete the work. But how do you find the best builder for your individual project? And what things should you be considering

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renovating a home renovating a home renovating a home renovating a home

Renovating A House: Where To Start


Interested in renovating a house? Whether you’re looking to build your dream home or you’re looking to profit, it’s valuable to do your research first. As a large-scale project, a house renovation involves a lot of work and until you’ve been through the process, it can be difficult to know

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Can I build a house in my garden


    If you have a garden big enough to build another dwelling, then yes, you are allowed to build a house in your garden. You can then provide space for an elderly relative, give your adult children their first step on the property ladder, or use the new home

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Five things to consider when renovating


There are many considerations when renovating your home. To avoid stressful situations, ensure you research and be patient. Here are 5 important things to consider before renovating your home! Keep in mind the reason for renovating – When renovating it can be tricky to focus on the main reason for

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Plant Hire & Machinery


What to consider when hiring machinery There are many options when it comes to hiring a digger, so how do you know what one to use? You should ensure you’re hiring from a company that have plenty of experience and know their products well. When you contact plant-hire companies for

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Building an extension? 6 things you need to consider and might not have thought about.


If you have decided that building an extension on your home is the best option for you, then this is an exciting time! However, there are some things which you may not have thought about but will need to consider.   Don’t assume you’ll be able to live on site.

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Different ways to maximise your space


It seems that struggling with insufficient space for families within their properties is becoming more common in recent years. Moving to another home can be frustrating, stressful and not always affordable; therefore, house extensions are becoming more and more popular. It is a great way to maximise the space you

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When is it the best option to build a new home?


When you own a property that requires modernisation, it’s important to weigh up whether renovating or rebuilding is the right option. Here Hugo Tugman, founder of Architect Your Home and Interior Your Home, explains. The most common reasons to keep the existing building and renovate are: If it has architectural

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Importance of Professional Site Management


We take great pride in keeping the sites we work at neat, tidy and hazard free. We are always looking at ways to improve construction sites and here we outline the steps we take to ensure they are kept as professional as possible. 1) Organising site materials This may seem

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