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Customer Reviews


When you are not familiar with any building firms it can be difficult to know if you’re picking the right one for you. Reading a building firms reviews from previous projects gives you an idea of their style and priorities. For example, some builders are cheap and cheerful, others can

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Five things to consider when renovating


There are many considerations when renovating your home. To avoid stressful situations, ensure you research and be patient. Here are 5 important things to consider before renovating your home! Keep in mind the reason for renovating – When renovating it can be tricky to focus on the main reason for

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How to select the right windows for your property type


When designing your build, windows play an important role. They are the structure of the room and provide open space and efficient lighting. When deciding the style of window, you first need to consider the size of the room, property location and weather conditions. Natural light has endless benefits which

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The office team


JVB Construction has a number of skilled professionals working on site and in the office. We are a growing team and have recently recruited new members.  Our Quantity Surveyor ensures that all pricing of work is completed in an expedient manner and works are priced as transparently as possible with

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Might it be Cheaper to Build a New House than Move?


If you’re still longing for your dream home, then you may be considering the possibility of a self-build. But weighing up the financial and practical implications between building your dream home or buying new certainly is challenging. Here we’ve put together some financial and practical advantages of new house construction

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